Cargo group

Cargo Group

We are international freight recognized by the management of national taxes and customs Dian under code 12061 362 resolution and act as authorized representatives in each of the operations assigned to you by your own name and account.

Through a dynamic global network of agents and correspondents with our reliable and professional team we are processing and quality services for your shipments and turnkey projects and from around the world.

We provide a professional service through logistics solutions that meet the needs and requirements of our customers, with capacity to meet the demand of a changing market with the commitment of our employees and their managers. International Cargo Group br is a corporation that has as main objective to provide our services to the user manage their shipments



Our mission is to provide our clients importers and exporters, international transport and logistics at the highest level of quality in the market, in order to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


We aim to be a leader in freight and integrated logistics highly competitive and differentiated level, positioning us as a leader by supporting global strategic alliances, being our mainstay satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Administrative Manager
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Operations Coordinator
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Customer Service
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Telefono: (57)(4) 448 4422