Consulting In The Area Of Foreign Trade And Logistics

Consultoria En El area De Comercio Exterior Y Logistica

Always prioritizing customer satisfaction, area professionals provide advice and answer any concerns or potential customer outgoing have on international trade and logistics.

Consulting with us at an early stage of the business, the client avoids in most cases frustration or even classical economic losses caused by complex technical nature of the international sale

Service is more than a word, is our attitude

Implementation And Coordination Of Customs Service Recruitment

Coordinacion Ejecucion Y Contratacion De Servicios Aduaneros We have the support and expertise of various customs agencies of experience in our country in order to have alternatives and greater national coverage. We have the availability to work with customs agents assigned by customers if already have or choose any particular agent.We offer preventive advice and assistance in the planning of customs procedures. We manage and collaborate to the correct issuance of certificates, permits and obtaining good when viewed by the characteristics of shipments required.

Cargo Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Consolidacion y Desconsolidacion de Carga

Our company offers its customers service consolidation and deconsolidation of international cargo. And effectively manage business grouping or ungrouping of goods by transportation companies and logistics team that we have and that we are part to implement the development of these activities.

Multimodal transport

Transporte Multimodal

CARGO GROUP INTERNACIONAL offers its customers comprehensive source service coverage at national and international destination using different modes of land transport, sea and air. Movement of containers, bound and loose cargo.
We work with leading companies in the maritime and land transport directly or travez multimodal transport operators.
This service can be offered to termnal terminal, door to door and combinations thereof

Maritime Shipping Break Bulk, Container, Ro-Ro

Transporte Maritimo Break Bulk

Our sustained growth Standart allows us to offer high quality combined with competitive prices in the market. Thus our commitment to service is reflected immediacy in both import and export.
Adapting to customer needs and integration of maritime transport in all its logistics process served holistically leveraging strategic alliances with major shipping companies in the world able to offer our customers quality / optimal price, short transit priority loading and guaranteed space, direct services.

Air Transport

Transporte Aereo

Our company has strategic alliances worldwide which allows us to offer our customers a wide coverage to and from anywhere in the world through our own consolidated services or contracting with neutral consolidators, also our customers will benefit from means of tracing and document database

National Land Transport E International

Transporte Terrestre Nacional E Internacional

We use the services of commercial transport companies linked to our comprehensive service. These carriers have tractors and equipment more modern platforms and communication technology.

International Insurance

Seguro Internacional

Supported by a multinational insurance company and expert in securing cargo. We cover your merchandise considering the value from the goods to ensure freight and taxes paid, or even a profit margin referred to in the merchandise.
CARGO GROUP INTERNATIONAL  provides you the opportunity to take our company with a Plia that covers all risks of their merchandise if your company does not have Plia

Operation Zone In Logistic And Services

Zona Franca

Providing these services

  • Partial outputs for production processes in national territory
  • Integration and Assembly of parts
  • Termination of temporary import regimes
  • public warehouse
  • Customs transit
  • Re-exports and Re-shipments
  • logistic Services

Logistics In Merchandise Nationalized

Zona Franca

We focus on providing strategic customer solutions for the benefit of your company

  • Online Inventory Management
  • Picking and Packing (Enlistment order to detail)
  • Packaging, re-packaging and selection of command
  • Labelling
  • assemblies
  • Turnover
  • Quality Control
  • distribution
  • Consulting and training

Project Consultancy For Loads

Zona Franca
  • Customs Legislation.
  • Research and Evaluation Project Import and Export.
  • Tariff Classification.
  • Exchange Regime.
  • Origin Criteria.